Choosing Your Contractor :

1) Look for sincerity, frankness, compatibility and mutual trust.

2) Provide as much specific information as possible - including Architectural drawings ie: plans and reference photos before you request a written proposal.

3) Give your Contractor a list of your priorities. Rank in the order of importance such things as cost, appearance, style, function, durability, quality of materials, craftmanship, etc.

4) Verify the Contractor's license number and that there is no negative history. You can do this online with the Department of Labor and Industries.

5) Don't pressure the company to provide the lowest possible cost proposal. This could produce the most surprises and unexpected cost overruns.

6) Be realistic and flexible. Unexpected problems will arise, changes will occur. When you and the project supervisor have a mutual trust and clearly communicate with each other, the entire remodeling experience will be more satisfactory for everyone.

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