My husband and I have always wanted our own “dream kitchen”!  We finally had the extra money to begin the process in mid-2008.  We were really pleased with Will and Stephanie when they visited our home for the first time to discuss our plans.  We had used “handyman contractors” before and been satisfied at the time.  However, once we hired Wiese Enterprises to complete our kitchen/dining room/living room/main bath remodel, we will never stray from them!  They have designed a long term plan for our house that includes a new entry, deck and patio cover, a stand-alone garage and a finished basement.  We can’t wait to start the next phase of our home.

We are so proud to show off our remodeled upstairs that we have photos posted on Facebook and find excuses to host events at our house.  Our kitchen is highlighted on the granite suppliers home page and the cabinet designer has received two jobs from displaying our kitchen.

I think the best part of having Will and Stephanie as our contractors was that the complete project, from demolition (gutting the entire top floor of our house, excluding bedrooms) to completion was 2 months!   They had their subcontractors there every day, sometimes on Sundays!  They worked tirelessly to come in on schedule.  They tried diligently to keep us on budget, but we were very hard to reign in!  When we told people that we were doing a remodel, they said we would be inconvenienced for anywhere from six months to two years.  Everyone was shocked when it was done in two months!  This two month time period included three major holidays (Thanksgiving ,Christmas and New Years) and the historic, record-breaking snow fall in December of 2008, that kept most trucks off the roads.

We cannot recommend Wiese Enterprises highly enough.  They are so thorough and complete, and have a real eye for details.  They would go over every inch of the house after the work was done and call back their subs for the tiniest imperfection, even one only their trained eyes could see.  They may not be the least expensive contractors out there, but you really will get what you pay for, and I think in this case, you will get more than you pay for.

Very Satisfied Customers,

Jason & Carli McSorley
Woodinville, WA