When we decided to finish off the exterior of our yard, we took some time to research who we would have do our project.  We knew approximately what we wanted to do with the corner lot but needed guidance and professional input.  We wanted the yard to have beautiful shrubs and to be full of flowers to cut for arrangements.  Our main goal was to block in our yard from public usage without using a fence, as this was not allowed by our HOA.  We finally decided on Wiese Enterprises because after getting a couple other bids they were the only ones that knew what they were doing and made our project sound like one of their at their own home.  With their help, we came up with a plan and they wrote up our bid.  They were very quick to respond and gave knowledgeable information about everything we had questions about. Once it came time for permitting, they were so detail oriented in their drawings that permits were issued immediately.  We believed in them so much that we left them keys to our home to complete the project while we were out of the country for 10 days and came back to a yard that left us completely speechless.  Everything had been planted, the sprinkler system was moved and some heads were added, we had 3 new arbors and a run of arbovitas. Everything was cleaned up and put back to the way it was prior to construction.  The plants were all excellent quality and are doing beautifully.  We truly enjoy going outside now and have such a beautiful yard to look at.  Not only that but our neighbors are constantly complimenting us on their work. 

We are so happy with everything that they did for us that we are going to be using them next spring for our addition on our house.  They were always a pleasure to work with and we have referred them to many of our friends already.


Andrea & Henry Schaloum
Issaquah, WA